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Until recently solar energy was the poor stepchild of the family of energy, but that is changing fast and now solar energy is stepping into the Cinderella spotlight. Just a few short years ago the solar industry was a quaint cottage industry largely dominated by aging hippies with pony tails, but now seemingly overnight, as if a switch had been flipped, it is being run by men in suits. And while there may be nostalgia for the past hardly anyone laments the change because it means that the solar industry is going mainstream, prices are coming down, and that its hope and promise is finally out in the spotlight for all to see.

In our world of diminishing fossil fuel resources that are all too often accompanied by pollution and increasing cost, the need for sustainability or renewable energy is ever more obvious. Undoubtedly solar energy will have a major role to play in this paradigm shift. Already, all kinds of solar technologies are being applied throughout the world and often quietly and without fanfare. It seems almost daily that laboratory research points to potentially new solar technologies, and while its implementation is undoubtedly years away it bodes well for the future of renewable energy. As Buckminster Fuller said: “There is no energy crisis, only a crisis of ignorance.” Thankfully the solar industry is doing much to dispel this ignorance.

At Solar Today and Tomorrow we are both happy and proud to be part of this paradigm shift toward renewable energy, and it is always our goal to provide our customers with the best solar energy installation for their home or business. All too often a business will fall into the pattern of providing products that streamline their operations and perhaps produce greater profitability, but this is not necessarily what is best for the customer. To give you the best solar system for your situation requires a thorough and complete education on our part as to the advantages and disadvantages of all products and types of systems.

We want you to have the best system for your needs regardless of what is easiest for us, thus our business motto: “Building solar systems uniquely for you.” We hope that as you peruse this website you will not only find it educational, but of real aid to you to make the decision to install a solar energy system on your home or business and to play your part in the promise of solar energy for planet earth.